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You are a traveler and decide to visit Geneva? Congratulations, you made a good decision. Be most welcomed in this international city, home of the United Nations and so many NGOs supporting peace in the World.

Visiting Geneva is a unique experience

There are a lot of things to do in Geneva, which is one of the reasons why so many tourists visit the city. Naturally, there are a lot of touristy things happening here, a trail that the casual visitor will follow. 

The city of Geneva is located quite far from the Swiss alps, and remains a Must when visiting Switzerland. It’s lakeside, the “jet d’eau” worldwide known and the beautiful gardens transform this city stop into a quiet relaxing holiday destination.

There are also all the UN related places to be visited. The “Palais des nations”, the broken chair, the International Red Cross Museum and so much more. Stroll around the old city, jump on a Hop On Hop Off bus or enjoy the little touristic train with his 3 different routes.

Another must, if you have time and a bit of budget, is to hire a private guide in your language for a tour. You can discover for instance the history of all women who marked the city with their life. Enjoy the horror stories which happened in the town or walk on the footsteps of the protestant history of the city.
Geneva is also the home of all shopping lovers. From high end brands to local markets, everything can be found in Geneva, especially in its many boutiques. 

Don't forget your Geneva souvenir Shop

It’s already the time to leave our lovely city and your loved one requests you to take-home some great souvenirs? If you are tired of ordering online, searching for hours to purchase souvenirs in a city offering so many gift stores.  Then we suggest you a real and great shopping experience in the Badec souvenir shop.
You will be so happy to discover our shop located close to Cornavin main train station, in the heart of the city of Geneva. It’s a unique shopping experience. You will find shirts and sweaters from baby size to XXXL.
You will also find hats and caps, mugs and espresso cups, badges and magnets, pins and keychains. Some pens and plush animals, a wide selection of housewares and assortment of ceramics. 
You’ll also get flags and postcards and so many more treasures and unique gifts from the Swiss Alps to bring back home. 

Discover our Geneva Souvenir shop

Our souvenir shop is well known, being present for over 20 years. Located in the Rue de Lausanne at the ground-floor of the number 39. Right in front of the tram stop Môle. We offer such a variety and novelties in our gift shop, that all gift store hunters come back to our one stop boutique. Why, because we are the cheapest in town with one of the biggest choices. 
Even if you do not know what travel souvenirs you wish to buy, Solly and Alexandre, our friendly store keeper will always guide you. By the way, they speak French, German, English, Greek, Tagalog and a bit of Spanish.
Also note that you can find in our store in addition to the wide array of souvenirs, the Swiss made watches, Military knives and jewelry, from earrings to necklace passing by rings and bracelets. 


Order online your souvenir gift in Geneva

 You're getting late to get the perfect gift? Note that you can also use our online gift shop : This one has no store hours and you can find local souvenirs to be delivered in some hours only straight to your hotel room. 

This website is also an ideal place to get ideas if you are a Geneva Expat and prepare to fly home to visit your loved once and you wish to bring them a souvenir or special gift from Geneva. In our shop at Badec souvenirs, you will not only find the best rates in town, but we also personalize your gifts. For instance, engraving the Victorinox Swiss Amry knife. Tell us the name you wish to be written on it, and in a few minutes, it will be engraved for life.
It is also possible for instance that we send your best souvenir straight to your home, especially our handmade cuckoos. We had customers all over the world, from Canada to England, from France to United States and so on.
We are so happy and excited to serve you at your next visit in our souvenir store.

You will see, shopping for souvenirs will never have been such fun. Be our guest, enjoy Swiss hospitality and bring with you an excellent remembrance of your shopping experience in Geneva, your second home.  

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