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The SOLAR POWER Collection

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Video of the Solar Power Technology of Swiss Military by Chrono

The power of sunlight is the source of everything living and breathing. For centuries, man has made use of sunlight to measure time as it passes and he has learned how to turn it into a source of power – even in modern watchmaking. In our new collection of SWISS MILITARY by Chrono watches, we implement modern «Swiss made» SOLAR POWER technology that uses natural or artificial light as operating power.

This allows us to create outstanding products which stand for the interplay between tradition and innovation and at the same time internalize ecological awareness whilst maintaining a high standard of reliability, precision and vibrancy.

Powered by light Watches run by SOLAR POWER technology use light to power the watch movement. The translucent dial of the watch channels the light to the underlying solar cell which collects and converts it into electricity. This activates the motor of the movement and guarantees a reliable working of the watch. The excess energy which is being produced through the continuous exposure of the watch to light charges the integrated battery. Once the battery has been completely charged, it has the power to run in the dark for several months.

ECO friendly SOLAR POWER technology is a clean and ecological source of power.

Conventional quartz watches run with the help of disposable batteries. SOLAR POWER technology makes battery replacements redundant as the watch runs reliably and with highest precision through the impulse of the natural propulsion of light, which charges the integrated battery every time the watch is exposed to light.

SWISS MILITARY by Chrono Official Licensed Product of the Swiss Confederation Throughout the world, SWISS MILITARY watches manufactured by Chrono AG are well known for their outstanding design and quality.

The timepieces of sportive look and adventurous spirit suit those who lead an active lifestyle, be this in business or during leisure time. The brand and its timepieces are symbols of the intrinsic and highly esteemed Swiss values of precision and quality. As officially licensed product, Swiss Military by Chrono joins forces with the Swiss Confederation in establishing the image of the Swiss Military brand in a global context – reliability, precision, quality and innovation being its trademarks.

Swiss Military by Chrono watches bear the seal of quality “Swiss Made” and offer a 5-year warranty.

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