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Swiss Army Knife in Geneva

Dear reader, did you know that the Swiss Army is (or maybe was) the second most trained and efficient army in the world? Difficult to believe when you think of this small neutral country situated in the heart of Europe. Did you know that Switzerland hasn’t know war since hundreds of years? They are several reasons to that.

Switzerland had a very tough begin, almost 800 years ago when the country was founded. It’s unique in the World history. Three men, Werner Stauffacher, Walter Fürst and Arnold von Melchtal, representing each a region, decided to unite their forces to build a brighter future with the aim to fight the enemy for the best or the worst in order to remain free.

For hundreds of years, this men, living in the heart of the Swiss mountains, became more and more famous as strong, courageous and loyal fighters. They were hiring themselves to foreign nationalities as paid solider to fight.

From then and until today, they were always very patriotic and became in Western Europe one of the most influent, respected and strong army. This is way, still today, only Swiss citizens can become member of the pontifical guard at the Vatican.

Swiss Military Knife : a multitask product

From there, many companies, decided to use this word of SWISS ARMY as a brand. You will find the leader which is Victorinox. However behind follow very closely many brands who took over logos and wording like SWISS MILITARY. The fight is tough, and many useful marketing tools are being developed.

Today you will find a wide range of Swiss Army knives. It’s true that every Swiss soldier has the obligation to carry a swiss army knife on him. This multi-tool swiss army knives are small. You can keep them easely as a pocketknife. The most famous factory in the heart of Switzerland is Victorinox.

The created a big range of so many Victorinox Swiss Army knives. They have multipurpose knives, filled with a lot of utilities like toothpick, keay-ring, wood saw, nail-file, ruler, bottle opener, flashlight, scissors, screwdriver, corkscrew, fish scaler, can-opener, wire-cutter, ballpoint pen and so many more tools.

Victorinox swiss knife : the one you need

This are really great knives. Victorinox is giving names to each Swiss knife to find yourself easier in the collection of this swiss-made multifunctional tool-kits. You will find names like camper, climber, huntsman, recruit, sentinel, spartan, cadet and many more. You will find them mostly in red, but also in black, blue, white, camouflage and even pink.

They issue them also in limited edition. This army knives are razor sharp. You can also purchase gadgets to use them. For instance, a keychain, nylon or leather pouch, belts and a lot of travel gear. In this collection you will also find lanyard, backpacks, suite-cases and cabin crew carry on.

Victorinox is also creating Swiss made watches. With either leather or steel bracelet. You have them in titanium, with crystal glass. They offer chronograph based on Quartz or automatic Swiss made movements. Victorinox is a real deluxe brand and you find them with the best rates in our Badec shop.

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We also offer engraving, when you purchase this well made every day carry pocket tools for a minimum of CHF 50.-

For me the flagship in the cutlery of Swiss Made Victorinox knives, remains the survival-kit knife. It’s one of the best in Switzerland and everybody should have in his backpack or car. It’s gadgets allow you to cut the glass of your car window and it one hand blade, sharp like a razor is able to cut your seat belt. What do you wait for.

Purchase one today in our Badec Swiss Souvenirs Shop and save lives. You will be a hero, thanks to a Swiss knife.

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