Swiss Made : what are the conditions to get this certification ?


Many times in our shop, at Badec, situated in 39 Rue de Lausanne in Geneva, clients ask : "I want to have a Swiss Made watch, Swiss Made pen, souvenirs and so on".

However, what is the condition to have the right to wear the certification SWISS MADE on your product ?

The Swiss Law, requests that the watch you purchase, has : 

1. over 60% of the value of the movement is Swiss

2.  that the movement and the watch are assembeled in Switzerland


This certification who has been implemented around the year 1880 by the Swiss Watch makers to fight against the American watches finds today some limits. Why ?

1. because almost all movement from the big watch groups, like Swatch, Tissot, Richelieu, Hanowa, etc are produced in China.

2. they are shipped to Switzerland, where they are assembeled and checked. 

3. as the salary of a Swiss craftsman is much higher than a chinese factory worker, the value of the watch rises up to 60% made in Switzerland due to the salary factor. 

Luckily, in Switzerland, there is quite a strict control, and it is not possible to find a Swiss Made Watch who hasn't been assembeled in Switzerland. However, as the inspection are only done in Switzerland, it is well possible to find a stamped  "Swiss Made" watch in Shanghai or Bangkok, fully produced in China. 

This is the reality of Swiss Made watches. You want to be sure to have a real watch ? 

1. purchase it in a Swiss shop like ours, Badec at 39 Rue de Lausanne in Geneva

2. order it on a Swiss based online shop like

For more information, you may contact us or check the official website of Swiss Confederation and the law article


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